Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fashion Confession #29: Layers and Cutouts

Hello Dahlings:)

        The palpable heat of a growing summer forces us to lose our layers upon layers of long-sleeved shirts and sweaters but to ditch layering completely? Not a bloody chance. I've traded in my soft, cozy armor of clothing layers for decorative hardware. More specifically, in this case, layered necklaces. The layering of necklaces satisfies my layering cravings without compromising my comfort in the blazing heat.

       Cut-out boots co-exist harmoniously with my stubborn need to not abandon, no matter how hot the weather, the beautiful creation of what we know are the almighty, empowering boots. Take note, however that these boots here are not just your ordinary ankle-boots, they have cut-outs. CUT-OUTS. The cut-outs give my feet access to the lovely breeze keeping them fresh, cool and truthfully, stink-free. 

      With all that's been said, what we all can take away from this is that we can all trick & kick summer's fiery heat's tushy (bum, or le buttocks for those who don't know me and the terms I use:3) because of the little tricks like layering necklaces instead of clothing and cut-out boots that enable me to wear them all-year round.

       Now, I'm about to embark on an amazing adventure to the mall with one of my best friends and my boots - because these boots are made for walking ;D (Literally. Not just to quote the song.)  Ciao! ~

So, what do you guys think of my outfit?:)

| Shirt & Gold Necklaces: Forever21 | Shorts: Monki | Hat: H&M |
| Boots & turquoise necklace: Cotton On | Bag: DKNY |

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fashion Confession #28: Plaid Skort

Hello Dahlings!:)

        It's been raining heavily for the past week, it's almost impossible to get good shots with good lighting. The heavy showers threatened to destroy my beloved camera and my mini photo-shoot but I've managed to wedge in a time slot in the midst of all the drizzling to capture photographs good enough for the blog with the downside of  mosquito bites all over my legs after rainfall. 

        Moving on, amidst my procrastination when revising for my exams, I've managed to acquire a few new pieces to my wardrobe; one, being this plaid skort that I'm wearing. I love the oxymoronic idea of this piece. It's got the very classic plaid pattern that's been around for ages but has the geometric, fashion-forward cut of the skort. I left my skort to take the spotlight by keeping my hair in a ponytail and wearing everything else in white. I've recently been infatuated with white, the color or rather the absence of it. It gives off such a fresh, clean and crisp look. When I wore this outfit to school, I strutted through the hall doors to complete my examinations with confidence without feeling overdressed or inappropriate but still sustaining my sassiness;D *snaps fingers left, right and left again*

So, what do you guys think of my outfit?:)

| Top: Maple | Skort: Topshop | Shoes: Zalora | Cardian: Bershka |


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fashion Confession #28: Spring Awakening

Hello Dahlings!:)

        Happy Belated Easter! The awakening of Spring has finally begun. This season's been furnishing the new arrivals of what this year's spring has to offer; colorful blooming flowers, the abundance of warmer weather and the launching of new collections and lines of different fashion stores like Topshop, Zalora, and so on, be it online or not.

        Zalora has been one of my favorite stores to visit online among other stores. My friends and I always swap pictures on whatsapp of what we would like to order or have already ordered on their website because they have fast shipping, provide the option of paying upon delivery for those of us that don't have credit cards (like me!) and they give us easy access to items from some of those brands that we are devoid of for those of us who live in, but not limited to, Hong Kong and other countries in Asia. Items from brands like Something Borrowed and River Island ( which is one of my favorite stores ) are now easy for me to get. So when Zalora contacted me to do a mini collaboration and style one of their items from their newly launched Mango line, I said yes because I have loved both Mango and Zalora and trust both those brands. You're probably thinking: "What?! They sell Mango items too?" I know. I'm psychic.

        Here's the outfit that I styled with the Light Beige Pleated Shorts from their Mango line. Beige high-waisted shorts with nude heels? Hello longer legs!

Here are a few of the other items from Mango that I like on Zalora (Hong Kong, there are different Zaloras for different countries in Asia) Go and check them out:)

So, what do you guys think of my outfit?:)

| Top: Ashley | Shorts: Mango via Zalora | Shoes: Payless | Bag: Michael Kors |

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fashion Confession #27: Leather on Leather

Hello Dahlings:)

        A trend that has been making its entrance into the world again is leather on leather. With the likes of Alexander Wang and Derek Lam showcasing their designs decked out in a complete leather ensemble looking real good, I thought I'd give it a try especially since I love the look of fashion pieces made of leather because they just add another element into an outfit.

        Creative takes on the "V" front from those that plunge all the way down to the waist and even under the belly button to upside down "Vs" on bomber jackets have also been seen strutting the runway from fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy to Jonathan Saunders.

         I decided to try out those trends and mesh it into my style:)

        When I spotted this little leather number in Cotton On on sale one day, I snatched it especially since it was the last one in my size. It was already marked down from HK$199 to $60 and when the saleslady said "$25 please", I was in shock and I couldn't believe my luck:D  The super deep V is a little too daring and provocative for my more reserved self to wear so when I found this top, I really felt like I hit the jackpot, not only because of the price and its fashion forward aspect but also because it isn't super revealing and showed only a small patch of skin.  

        To balance the showy upside-down-V crop top, I paired it with a pink midi skirt from River Island via Zalora. I got the pink skirt for my friend's 18th birthday (Her debut) because her theme was light pink  or mint green.

        I realized that this is such a spring trend-heavy outfit; Midi skirt, Leather on Leather and the "V" front. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. (More like 3, ahaha)

The leather crop top was what I was originally going to wear but because there were going to be parents, I wanted to be dress more conservatively so I switched it with a chambray shirt. Here are a few pictures from my friend's birthday (She's the one on your left:3)
So, what do you think of my outfit?:)
| Top: Cotton On | Skirt & Necklace: River Island via Zalora |
| Shoes: Marks & Spencer (Old) | Jacket & Bag: Forever21 (Both old) |

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fashion Confession #26: Threaded Chains

Hello Dahlings!:)
        If you follow my Instagram account, you've probably already seen this photo and basically the top half of my outfit. (Yay for sneak peeks!) I managed to take a few outfit shots before I left for school and even sneaked in a selfie:D *Claps for productive, early bird me*

        The necklace was given to me as a gift from one of my best friends. You know who you are;D Naturally, I wanted to wear it as soon as I got it so my outfit here was based on the necklace; a chain-link choker necklace with black thread lacing all around it. I expected the necklace to be longer but when I put it on, to my surprise, it was a choker.
        I've been wanting to get some silver jewelry since all I ever wear is gold, so this necklace was a perfect addition to my collection to try something new. My outfit was neutral and quite tame color-wise so I injected pops of pink with my bag and lips and slicked my hair to one side. I'm quite liking the new hairstyle to tame and style my thick curly hair.
So, what do you guys think of my outfit?:)
| Necklace: H&M | Shorts: G2000 (Old) | Jacket: Forever21 (Old) |
| Watch: K-Swiss (Borrowed from my brother) | Bag: Michael Kors |

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fashion Confession #25: Monochromatic Juxtaposition

Hello Dahlings:)

         Woohoo, Another Outfit post right after 2 days:) I am ON A ROLL, BABY. Ehem.

         Whenever I see black & white stripes, I think of the stereotypical French painter with a beret tilted to the side. You know, like in the past circa 19th century. AHAHA, don't you think so? Or is it only me?

        If you've been following my blog for quite a while now, you should already know that I love the fashion in the 1950s. If you don't, well - TADAAA, Surprise! I do:D *Sigh* So classy and elegant. When I came across this floppy hat in H&M, I was reminded of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's with her saucer hat:)

        My outfit today was centered around my wide-brimmed hat. I wanted to create a classic look with a modern, edgy twist by pairing a classic striped top with an asymmetrical skirt, chain-link necklace and boots. Basically a modern-classic juxtaposition. Oooh, I think I just got what title to put up for this blogpost!:D And of course, nothing completes a classic/modern/monochromatic look like a Marilyn Monroe Lip.

        I'm wearing the same asymmetrical skirt from 3 outfit posts ago ( here ), Talk about different pairings:) There's so many outfits to create with the same piece and this is one of the outfits:)

So, what do you guys think of my outfit?:)

| Top: Zara | Skirt & Hat: H&M | Arrow & Bar Rings: Pull&Bear |
|Necklace, Bag & Bow midi ring: Forwever 21|

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fashion Confession #24: Floral Fluff

Hello my Dahlings!:)

        I've come to a realization that I've been gone for a month (and 2 days ^^" ). That's the longest period of inactivity that I've ever had on my blog! Have you missed me? WHY am I even asking? Of course, you do;) You must. Apart from gaining weight and designer bags under my eyes from the stress of school, everything's just peachy:)

        Dark florals (A big trend right now if you didn't know yet)? Crew-neck sweater? Cute, inspirational quote? Well, hellooo, sweet thang! I feel a connection going on here. I see us going out together. When I entered the only Stradivarius in Hong Kong, I picked up this sweater and headed over to the counter and relieved my wallet of its burden:) Stradivarius is a great store to check out fun runway trending pieces in affordable prices yet with good quality pieces. 

       I wanted to style this sweater a bit differently from the standard sweater and jeans combo and found this adorable mohair skirt I scored from Topshop that I tucked away to wait for something to pair this with. Opportunity emerged with this sweater and TAADDAAA - outfit for today:)

       The infinity bracelet I have on is from Concoralhk , an instagram store based in Hong Kong. The owner, Sarah, is one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to. She has amazing customer service and all her products that you get is exactly like what you see in the picture. The stuff she sells are all cheap and reasonably price and she ships for FREE if you order 3 or more items:) She ships worldwide as well. No, I'm not sponsored and I bought everything with my own money!:D Check her out! You'll love Concoral too!:D

       P.S. Did you know that this is the exact skirt that Ariana Grande wore in one of her instagram pictures? Her style reflects a lot of what I like to wear except she's a bit more revealing:) I actually found the exact outfit in Topshop and was almost compelled to get the sweater but I was second guessing so when I came back for it, I missed my chance. They were all gone. I wish I got it. Here's a picture I took when I tried the sweater and skirt on:) Sorry for its super bright lighting and blurriness.

P.S. I've been thinking about doing "Skincare confessions" like what I've been using and loving and "Nail confessions" like the designs I do on my nails (& maybe a mini tutorial?:>) on my blog. What do you guys think?:) Should I?

So, what do you guys think of my outfit?:)
| Top: Stradivarius | Skirt: Topshop | Rings: Pull & Bear |
|Bag & Shoes: Forever21 | Bracelet: Concoralhk |